“Wealth Mentality for Nigerians

Have you ever wondered why most books about wealth are written for Americans?
It is because the writers want their country to prosper.

With the help of my friend Korede, we put together “wealth mentality” for Nigerians. Yes. Because we want Nigerians to prosper. Our country needs to prosper, and it is the collective wealth of everyone in this country that will increase our chances of prosperity.

We take our time to gather all the information resources, the guides, the books, the tools and the links you need to prosper. While you enjoy your research, learning and earning around here, remember to drop us a note, testimonials of how our content might have added value to your pocket.

You can also request for information concerning topics you wish to learn about… we will package it into a product for you. Blessings

Okechukwu Ezekiel
Founder – vendor.ng

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